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GLOBO 850 Plus


It combines milling operations with those specific to machining centres.

  • Blade Diameter: mm 850
  • Power: HP 30

Globo 850 Plus is the latest evolution of machines for marble, granite, stones and agglomerates processing, which combines the saw processes with the ones typical of a Working Centre.

Multifunction with 5 interpolated axes. The structure of the vertical carriage in the form of a cage, is performed in electro-welded steel which ensures the machine more stability and rigidity, minimizing the vibrations generated during processings.

The high speed movements of the X, Y and Z axis, are obtained with brushless motors and the movement is performed by recirculating roller balls slide guides automatically lubricated.

The movement of the vertical Z axis is performed by a screw with recirculating balls supported by a pneumatic piston compensator.

The translational motion of the beam is performed by a motor positioned between two pinions which scroll on a precision rack with inclined teeth.

System based on Windows platform, integrated by machine control board, 22” Multi-Touch operating control panel with innovative and interactive M2 Easy Cut interface which ensure easy execution of management operations in a simple and intuitive way.

The electronic components of the machine are made up of products from globally recognized brands which guarantee easy availability in the event of a breakdown. LAN connection and USB port for uploading files from external devices.

Cad Cam software manages and optimizes all the phases of the process: from the design and/or import of parts, the definition of machining strategies, to the estimated timing and control of collisions with 3D simulation, through to the provision of parts and underparts on the workbench

  • Automatic generation of roughing cycles, coring, drilling, finishing, profiling, pocketing and polishing.
  • Free drawing of geometric entities arches, bi-arcs,lines, rectangles, squares, ellipses, circles, regular polygons, joints, chamfers, construction designs.
  • Drawing from predefined parametric models: vanitytops, kitchen tops, tables, including managing the downside, the canals and the sink, etc.
  • Definition of guided basic three-dimensional surfaces, starting with sections and/or guidelines drawn on the XY plane (frames, shower trays, concave convex sinks, sinks in multiple sections).
  • Write in different fonts also shaped profiles, including characters in italics, characters with drills, working downside, relief and engraving with sharp edges, fenerary art.
  • Nesting manual, facilitates and optimize arrangement of the pieces on the worktable.

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