Home Machines 3 Axis


Versatile, precise, reliable and easy to use.

  • Blade Diameter: mm 1000
  • Power: HP 36

Mobile bridge saw with 3 axis to install with side beams for resting against cement walls or steel shoulders, disc Max 1050 is ideal for cutting thick pieces.

X / Y / Z axis movement on slide ways with ball-bearing guide blocks protected by bellows.

Standard version complete with easy-to-use PLC programming for single and multiple cuts, stepped cuts and straight capitals.

The worktable, rotating manually, hydraulic tilting with double cylinders.

  • Structure on galvanized steel shoulders
  • Fixed table with wood
  • Laser
  • Fixed side protection with photoelectric barriers
  • Software for 45° cutting
  • Software easy to use
  • Steel shoulders / Concrete walls
  • Pneumatic head 0 - 90°
  • Tilting table with wood surface
  • Index rotating work table
  • Rubber surface for work table
  • Painting structure
  • Hand remote control
  • Blade motor with inverter Max. speed 3000 Rpm
  • Software for straight capitals
  • Voltage transformer outside standard
  • Manual lubrification system
  • Back protection
  • Teleservice

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